Wimbledon Avenue, Narrabeen

Wimbledon Avenue, Narrabeen- A state of the art refurbishment utilising the existing skeleton of this high-end property whilst completely modernising the interiors, incorporating a brand new addition to the dwelling to maximise livability and efficiency. A subtle coastal theme was incorporated into the design in order to hint at the coastal context.

Hale Road, Mosman

Hale Road, Mosman - A truly modern residence, Hale Road embraces the sleek, clean lines of Colorbond steel in a striking architectural matte black –a bold design choice in an otherwise conservative neighborhood. Enhancing the already uniquely evocative aesthetic is a custom designed box gutter which frames the entire complex as a highly bespoke construction with every detail carefully considered by the owner and diligently crafted by Connectra.

Elvina Avenue, Avalon Beach

Elvina Avenue, Avalon Beach - This classic coastal Hamptons style residence was completely remodelled to expound on existing space. Careful consideration of design resulted in a true equilibrium of indoor and outdoor living with premium finishes throughout. A meticulously composed landscape of pure afflatus frames the residence from the initial glimpse as a sublime repose for the eyes.

Garden Island – Upcoming

A picturesque coastal paradise, Garden Island, steeped in history, is on the cusp of a renaissance. From its humble beginnings as a vegetable patch for the first European colony in Australia in 1788, to a supremely pioneering building development project taken on by Connectra presenting complex logistic challenges. A Bond-inspired residential enclave, Garden Island will well and truly redefine the architectural definition of ‘challenging’ due to the unique access restrictions and intricate, sinuous composition.