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Most building and development companies are synonymous with dirt, ‘roughness’ and all in all, a certain prosaic quality is inherent and almost cojoined with the industry. The Connectra Global brand takes that concept, accepts it where inevitable, and excises it where it isn’t. Our difference isn’t just our quality or our team –it is the inherent striving for a more ‘glamorous’ ethos embodied in all of our workers.


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End To End Vertically Integrated Solution

Focused on a swathe of disciplines, the Connectra brand encompasses a true end to end vertically integrated solution with channels to assist our valued exclusive clients with real estate services, consultancy, insurance & strata services, as well as our core offering of general construction. In a modern, rapidly advancing context of ever-increasing globalization, Connectra recognizes that being ‘just’ a company is no longer in vogue. A true avant-garde effort, Connectra is involved with multiple charity projects and initiatives in order to enhance the communities beyond our pinnacle craft of enriching the built environment of premium neighbourhoods. Even one of the humblest actions –giving to charity –is done with effortless class and true luxe.

Talented Team Of Experts

Tradespeople characterised only as cultured, professional & superior are found on Connectra’s payroll. With the support of extremely advanced technological systems, the back-end office unit of high-class individuals combine the making of a company presenting a distinguished service offering. Our team are carefully cultivated and hand chosen for their skill, bearing and amiable qualities. Connectra’s team embody the same qualities of their affluent and ‘well-to-do’ clientele.

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